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Nutrition Food Pyramid

January 17, 2019 Crist Manner 0

The Food Pyramid has been used for decades to show people what type (and how much) of individual foods they should eat every day for optimal health. Redesigned in 2005, the new pyramid sports a rainbow of colored, vertical stripes that represent the five major food groups, plus fats and oils.

Not sure what the colors stand for? Here’s a quick reference:

Orange – grains.

Green – vegetables.

Red – fruits.

Yellow – fats and oils.

Blue – milk and dairy products.

Purple – meat, beans, fish, and nuts.

The food pyramid is a used to illustrate the variety of foods people need to eat to stay healthy. The skinnier the band of color, the less foods you need to consumer in that category, and vice versa. As you will notice, eating a variety of healthy foods is best. The goal is to eat foods from each color band each and every day.

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How to Get Modafinil Online with Ease?

January 5, 2019 Crist Manner 0

It is vital to remember that Modafinil is one of the best cognitive enhancers that you can use to improve your productivity, motivation, alertness, and focus. It will provide you a mental boost and improve your mood, but without harmful side effects.

The main idea that makes the Modafinil perfect drug of choice for hard-working individuals and students is because it will address your tiredness and improve overall concentration so that you can handle tasks at work or school.

It is also a mood booster if you have issues with depressive thoughts, which is why the researchers state that it will be the drug of the future that will treat these issues.

However, the studies are inconclusive, which is why it is only certified and approved for treating narcolepsy and sleep disorders.

In some countries, you can easily purchase it without prescriptions, while in most of them you will need certified proof that you can use it.

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The Sexual Health Guide

December 16, 2018 Crist Manner 0

When Doctor Penis suggests that it’s time to engage in sexual activity, most men would do well to heed the call. After all, Doctor Penis is not only, well, a penis, but he also understands that indoor sports offer some unique sexual health benefits. Even if most men already find sex to be intensely enjoyable, it’s encouraging to know that proper penis care and usage can be a great long-term health investment: one that will outlast the pleasure of an orgasm.

So what are some of these benefits, Doctor Penis?

A Fitter Body.

Having regular sex can be a fantastic full body workout for any man. Plenty of guys will work themselves into a healthy sweat with all the vigorous thrusting that accompanies sex, increasing their heart rates, and burning some spare calories in the process. Granted, sexual exercise alone will only burn about five calories per minute, but depending on the amount of sexual activity that any given man … Read the rest

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Health Guide to Safe Colon Cleansing

December 15, 2018 Crist Manner 0

There are some key points you should be looking for when searching for a safe and effective colon cleanser. Below is your guide to safe colon cleansing for overall health and long-term effectiveness. Be sure to follow these guidelines to protect yourself.

If you’re considering using a colon cleansing, you’ll want to make sure that the colon cleanser you’re using is safe and healthy for your system. There are some things one should consider when making a colon cleansing purchase.

One thing consumers should be aware of is that colon cleansing systems can rid the body of necessary bacteria, which means you may need to ingest a supplement to put the bacteria back into your system.

These supplements are called Probiotics and are often available from the same sites and resources you might make your colon cleansing purchase from and can be used in conjunction with which colon cleansing system you choose.

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Holiday Health Guide

December 14, 2018 Crist Manner 0

Most of us don’t worry about our holiday health until we come down with something while we’re away – cue the dash to the local pharmacy to try and explain our symptoms in sign language.A little forward planning can make this panic unnecessary. The most common summer problems – sunburn, upset tummies, travel sickness, insect bites – are all preventable or quickly treatable with a little know-how.

Traveller’s tummy –

Food poisoning can happen when you eat food or drink that are contaminated due to poor sanitation or preparation. There’s also a risk if there are pesticides on fruit and veg, or food is stored at the wrong temperature. Research has found that 60 per cent of visitors to Africa and India get stomach upset, while in medium-risk destination like the Mediterranean and Caribbean, where water quality and food hygiene may be better, 15 to 20 per cent people had problems.

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