Prostate Health Guide

Male sexual apparatus consist of the penis, scrotum, testicles and a variety of the interior glands like the prostate. All these bodies’ parts are very important when it comes to the normal functioning of the body. Each one of them has a different role to play.

  • Testicles- they are also referred to as the gonads and they play a very vital role when it come sexual activities. They are used to establish and preside over the manliness of a person. This is very different when it is compared to the secondary characteristics of a man. These characteristics include the beards, breaking of voice (deep voice) heavy bones (masculinity) and constricted pelvis that in charge of producing offspring. When the testicles are removed, male secondary characteristics are likely to be interfered with. The prostate health guide is at a better position to show you the location of the testicles.
  • Sperm cells- from teenage years to senile years, the partially ferrous tubes are in regular production of sperm cells. These cells are very vital when it comes to reproduction. The cells are produces by the testicles which are externally located. This is very visible with the use of the prostate health guide.
  • Intestinal cells- these cells are mainly used in the production of the testosterone which flows into the blood streams and establish the secondary individuality of a person. When the sperms are produced, they are provisionally accumulated in the epididymis which is connected to the partially ferrous tubes. These sperms are later moved to the seminal vesicle passing through a lengthy thin duct. The seminal vesicle then produces a thick substance that aids in the conservation of the sperms before they are finally released. The prostate health guide can easily help you in understanding the intestinal cells and other related functions.
  • Urethra- this is a passage that is used in the removal of the urine. Prostate glands that are located here then produce a thick substance which facilitates the conservation and transportation of the sperms which are now referred to as the semen.
  • Penis- it has glands that secrete a base that counterbalances any urine that might be harmful to the sperm cells. The penis is an organ that is used in the placing of the semen into the female reproductive tract during sexual intercourse. This is facilitated by the increase volume of blood into the penile tissues.